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Some ideas concerning the world of Fils expanded metal. Insights, projects, news and even requests and suggestions from customers and designers.

Different (and sometimes unusual) uses of metal mesh

Like a comfortable armchair for example

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Comfortable metal mesh armchair

Different shapes of metal mesh

The most common geometric shapes of metal mesh

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The geometric metal mesh shapes

Façades in expanded metal – the main projects

The facade is the first thing we see, and the one that strikes us most

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The best expanded metal facade

All about metal mesh

Let's take a look at the evolution of metal mesh’s use

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Metal mesh out fitting

Fils expanded metal catalogue

Catalogue of expanded metal patterns, expanded gratings and finished products. English edition.

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Expanded metal and grating - General Catalogue Fils

The art of protecting

Simple but effective solutions

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Ultra Limites Line MISURAROSSA

ARENA 600 e ALEXA 800. A big “STEP” forward

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Colourful façades with expanded metal mesh

Solutions for every need

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rete stirata per facciata multicromatica

The Fils parapets for Leonardo's staircase

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci in Vaprio d'Adda.

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La scala di Leonardo