Expanded metal mesh

Expanded metal: what is, how is made, advantages and benefits

In the following sections, all information about expanded metal are available. The mesh tables are grouped by shape and geometry. Are you interested in process technology?

A photo gallery is also available with some realizations of façades, false ceilings, out-fittings, fences and parapets.



What is expanded metal

The expanded metal is a metallic material with openings that give it a functional transparency; it can be used for cladding in the building and architecture fields. It can be highly customized according to the technical and aesthetic requirements of the project.

Durability is guaranteed by the protective finishes available in unlimited colour variations.

Fils products allow you to easily create different types of applications, especially as a metal façade cladding.

All available solutions use a wide range of highly configurable items, able to meet any need.

expanded metal sheets
Expanded metal sheet


How the expanded metal is made: the expanding process

The expanded metal mesh is obtained from a combined engraving and cold printing process carried out with a tool that is called a "knife". The width and shape of the metal mesh depend precisely on the different shapes of the knives used.

Available in rolls and expanded metal sheets, expanded meshes can be made according to standard or specific measures.

Expanded metal mesh Esedra
Fence realized with expanded metal panels

The main types of expanded metal

From the various shapes of the 'knives' that stamp the solid sheet metal, the geometries of the metal mesh are born. For example, the rhomboidal expanded metal is born from the triangular tooth mold, the hexagonal mesh is born from the trapezoidal knife. By combining the different processing parameters, all the different varieties of models proposed by Fils are obtained.


What is expanded metal used for

Expanded metal is ideal as a protection, parapet, facade or fence.

It is also ideal for furnishing and design. Excellent for their resistance and flexibility of use, expanded meshes are very robust and solid, and do not fear wear. They are an original choice for creating false ceilings with which to hide the systems and, thanks to a design in which solids and voids, curves and flat elements alternate, they give the environment elegance and an important acoustic comfort.

Irreplaceable also for the facades that are thus enriched by the delicate transparencies typical of the expanded metal mesh, embellish a parapet, have a sunscreen effect and furnish the windows of a refined shop.

By welding expanded metal to profiles of various sections, the panels to be fixed to the substructures required by the various applications are obtained. See the expanded aluminium sheet, model Delta (which is part of the protech lines), dimensions 1000x2000 mm with weighs of only 4.2 Kg. It is one of the lightest meshes of Fils production. The same model of carbon steel or stainless expanded metal weighs 12.6 kg.


Wide assortment of metal meshes and materials

Expanded metal can be made in Carbon Steel, Sendzimir Carbon Steel and also in Aluminum, Copper and other materials.

The various types are suitably described in the dedicated subsections and are characterized by size and design.

The Square Mesh range from 16x13 mm to 120x87 mm while the Hexagonal-toothed 35x15 mm to 62.5x25 mm. The rhomboidal expanded metal: it has a pleasant aesthetic effect and an excellent functionality for the passage of light and air.

The smallest size has very resistant 10x6 mm meshes with a weight of 3.2 kg / m2 while the larger one is 200x75 mm and a weight of 5.1 kg / m2. Inside there is a wide range of sizes. See Table down here.


SQUARE MESH16x13120x87
DIAMOND MESH28x10200x75
PROTECH MESH45x15300x100
ULTRA LIMITES MESH350x120800x300


Browse and download the Fils expanded metal catalogue.

How to measure expanded metal mesh? Four parameters are needed: Long Diagonal (DL), Short Diagonal, (DC), feed (av) and thickness (sp). Below is an explanatory legend.


Advantages and benefits of expanded metal

The expanded metal are made from a solid sheet and do not have any welds: this means extremely easy shaping and subsequent processing.

Moreover, during ironing, there are no waste or shavings of material, a peculiarity that entails considerable savings, also for the environment.

The resistance that characterizes these products allows a significant use in construction and carpentry, where the steps and the landings in expanded metal are also made to measure and are equipped with certifications of flow.

These products are also excellent for places of continuous passage such as shopping centers and airports.

In the industry, expanded metal meet the current accident prevention and anti-slip regulations. Partitions can be made to protect the perimeter of some areas, walkways or walkways and structures suitable to protect the machinery in function: for each use the most appropriate gratings will be chosen!

anti-sliping classes for surface in expanded metal
DIN 51130 - Anti-slip value expanded metal surface


Some of our best achievements with expanded metal mesh

The architectural design of the International Congress Center in Katowize, Poland, won first place in an international urban architecture competition. Its construction is based on noble materials. The outdoor area and lobby are fully characterized by a bright black expanded metal mesh and the conference interior is made of wood and concrete. Together, they create the perfect space for various types of corporate events: congresses, conferences, training, trade shows, entertainment and more.

In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the NAI (Netherlands Architecture Institute) is an archive, museum and library all rolled into one. It holds important archives and collections of Dutch architects after 1800 and makes them accessible to the public. The NAI is now part of the New Institute. Its facade is made with an 'HYBRID' expanded metal, with a configurable transparency to allow visibility and protection at the same time.


Expanded metal prices

Expanded metal prices vary according to the quantities and processing required. Fils also supplies custom-made panels, possibly complete with profiles and coupling systems. A careful study of the project allows to engineer the dimensions of the semi-finished products, minimizing waste and optimizing costs.

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