Expanded metal meshes for architectural use

Mesh for Architecture: "Protech" and "Ultra Limites" lines

Metal Architecture: Fils has evolved the use of expanded metal in architectural applications and building design. In this section you can find all information regarding the PROTECH and ULTRA LIMITES lines. Feel free to download the relevant extract of the catalogue or individual technical sheets. The huge assortment of expanded metal meshes for architectural use goes way beyond standard formats.


Creative lines for Architecture

The PROTECH and ULTRA LIMITES lines are the most extensive range of metal meshes for architecture.

They can be used in facade cladding, in out-fittings, in parapets, in fences, in protections and in many other application contexts. For the cladding of an external facade you can choose the type of mesh with the most suitable transparency for your design needs.

The value of v/p% (empty on full percentage) indicates the opening of the architectural mesh, with values ​​ranging from 5% of the Privacy mesh, very closed, to over 50% of the Italy mesh, one of the most open.

Here below some PROTECH meshes with open area in ascending order.

NameGeometryMesh: DL x DCn (DCr) - av x spTransparency
PRIVACYDiamond62,5 x 20 (29) - 14 x sp5,3 %
RESERVEDiamond90 x 30 (38) - 18 x sp10 %
SIERRADiamond160 x 40 (52) - 24 x sp10,2 %
IDEADiamond76 x 31 (24) - 11 x sp13,3 %
OMEGAHexagonal160 x 40 (52) - 24 x sp15 %
COLLEGEHexagonal160 x 40 40) - 18 x sp15,4 %
AMBASCIATADiamond110 x 40 (52) - 24 x sp16 %
ESPERIAHexagonal100 x 40 (34) - 15 x sp23,3%
GRAFICAHexagonal100 x 40 (34) - 10 x sp23,3%


The transparency of an external facade cladding can therefore be used to "open" the interior to the outside or, vice versa, it can be used to "cover" if masking or adequate confidentiality is required.


Protected facades and cladding

The resistance to mechanical stress (such as wind, snow, etc.) is calibrated through the choice of thicknesses and dimensions of the aluminum panels used for exteriors.

Aluminum is the most used material thanks to its lightness and its chemical-physical characteristics. As far as durability is concerned, thanks to the painting or anodizing treatments, expanded sheet metal claddings are obtained for facades or for other applications that are long-lasting.

The protective finishes are suitable for the intended use and are available in a practically unlimited color range.

Expanded metal cladding


Fils innovation, the impact of Ultra Limites expanded metal sheets

The ULTRA LIMITES metal meshes represent an absolute exclusive Fils, they are high impact expanded metal meshes that ensure an unmistakable and surprising aesthetic. The extended form of the mesh enhances the texture also in the view from a distance, with effects of transparency and reflectance combined together. Ideal for enhancing the color and brightness of the material in the sinuous 3D shape.

These PROTECH and ULTRA LIMITES lines represent a real evolution for an external facade cladding and more; designers are increasingly demanding functionality and technological performance alongside aesthetic qualities.

Ultra Limites architectural meshes


The expanded metal mesh produced 'zero waste'

Increasingly in architecture, environmental impacts and safety aspects are considered essential: Fils expanded metal is a versatile material that meets all the requirements of eco compatibility and energy efficiency.

"Expanding" is a non-polluting cold molding process that does not require the use of harmful substances.

The expanded metal mesh is a "zero waste" processing, it is produced without any waste to safeguard the raw material. At the end of its long life cycle the expanded mesh can be properly disposed of and totally recycled.

Zero waste processing